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Ep. 9: Debating "The Network State" by Balaji Srinivasan with Próspera CMO Trey Goff

Ep. 9: Debating "The Network State" by Balaji Srinivasan with Próspera CMO Trey Goff

This is a special episode. Niklas has a free-flowing conversation with Trey Goff, the CMO and Chief of Staff of Prospera, the startup city in Honduras.

If there is such an industry as “network states”, “network societies” or “startup cities”, Trey is one of the most influential executives in the field.

Governance is possibly the most stranded technology imaginable. The governance industry, typically run by state governments around the world, is roughly 40% of global GDP and has gotten more expensive and lower quality over time.

The book "The Network State" (available for free online) is a manifesto to address this challenge. It is written by Balaji Srinivasan, the former CTO of Coinbase and Partner at a16z, and one of the leading thinkers in crypto and blockchain technology.

Trey & Niklas discuss the book, bringing our unique perspectives as an executive of possibly the most advanced startup city project in the world and as a venture capitalist that is investing in companies running on better governance software.

We overall like the book a lot. However, we disagree with some of the core concepts. Trey highlights that Prospera is not about "nation building", it's about co-development together with the country of Honduras.

For Trey and Prospera, it's not about building new institutions from scratch, it's about taking what works best, reconfiguring and introducing it to a unique set of local institutions, people, and culture.

We notice the book's great innovations, such as deconstructing some of the core concepts of nation, state, and governance, how blockchain technology can be a driving force in creating better governance protocols by designing immutable records of transactions, and starting with a "one commandment" moral innovation.

While it is a step in the right direction of directing technology entrepreneurs towards building lasting institutions to steer human progress, we warn against taking an adversarial approach to existing institutions - and instead build new forms of governance in an inclusive, not an escapist way.

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Niklas Anzinger talks and writes about his experience as a VC based in Prospera Honduras, competitive governance and how it can unblock "stranded technologies" that are held back by bureaucracy and overregulation.