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Ep. 79: Fireside Chat with Bryan Johnson, Aubrey De Grey, and Laurence Ion – Challenges In The Longevity Movement

Ep. 79: Fireside Chat with Bryan Johnson, Aubrey De Grey, and Laurence Ion – Challenges In The Longevity Movement

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How compatible are two very different giants in the longevity movement? 

Aubrey de Grey, the iconic and highly academically decorated bioscientist, paved the way for the early stages of scientific development, and Bryan Johnson, the software mogul turned one-man experiment and chief meme officer of longevity, focuses on the intersection of lifestyle and research.

Do their very different approaches go together?

They do! Let’s explore how they overlap with each other and how they are giving shape to the longevity movement. 

They navigate the intricate landscape of scientific advancement, with Aubrey opening the area of possibility through scientific progress and Bryan developing broader accessibility of solutions.

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Advancing From Early Stage Discovery

In society, when someone demonstrates what's possible, it inspires others to follow suit. “My goal is to shift the current trend from being offensive, weird, and eccentric to being amazing through Blueprint.” – Bryan Johnson

Change is inevitable because humans tend to doubt new technologies initially, but once they're available and add value to people’s lives, adoption grows, and it becomes the new normal. This is a recurring pattern in history; therefore, we should question our initial skepticism.

Collaborations With The Traditional Clinical Sides

Working together with clinicians is crucial. PhDs and MDs have different approaches, but they both understand the end goal: reducing human suffering. The process from lab to clinic is rocky and time-consuming, but there are pathways to streamline and accelerate. 

Although people like Bryan Johnson play a significant role in advancing the mainstream medical profession, they intelligently contribute by collecting relevant data to expedite the process of ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medical innovations, making them accessible to a wider audience beyond just the early adopters.

Why Hasn't There Been A Moonshot For Longevity Yet?

Traditionally, the Far East has been slower to embrace longevity research despite factors like respect for the elderly, demographic challenges, and technological prowess. Recently, this mindset might be changing, and if so, it could pave the way for a significant initiative akin to the Apollo project.

 One hurdle in the West is the centralization of science funding.  Public officials act based on a desire for re-election and public opinion, but the public has a presumption against new technology. The solution could be more independent science funding, such as VitaDAO, and more “direct democracy,” such as citizen science.  

Aubrey's innovation and Bryan's practical focus signify the diverse strategies required for advancement, emphasizing the integration of discovery, clinical application, and societal acceptance of mainstream longevity technologies. Despite cultural and political challenges, this fireside chat underscores the potential for transformative initiatives and the necessity of collective action in propelling the longevity movement forward.

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