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Ep. 74: David Luftglass on the Promise of Uruguay SEZs for Export-Focused Industries, and Scaling A Global Cannabis Business

Ep. 74: David Luftglass on the Promise of Uruguay SEZs for Export-Focused Industries, and Scaling A Global Cannabis Business

Ever wondered where SEZs in Latam are already a backbone of the economy?

It’s in Uruguay, a country with stable governance, clear legal frameworks and many other advantages for export-focused businesses.

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Uruguay did many things right to create a business-friendly environment. It’s touted as the safest spot in Latam, and enjoys a high degree of civil and economic freedom.

Now meet David Luftglass, the founder of the “Zenith” (TBD) Special Economic Zone. One of many zones, each with its unique flavor, from industrial science parks to towering structures tagged with the World Trade Center brand.

David illuminates how the SEZ program works. They’re in the works of getting an approved 10-year renewable tax exemption, a great starting advantage for new industrial businesses that already struggle with high capital costs.

It's like a sandbox for entrepreneurs, and the best part?

The process is not a black box like it is for many other SEZs (Honduras had a great advantage there too, but the new government in power is damaging this). There are clear processes, templates, and even law firms to guide you through.

But here's the beauty of it—these benefits aren't exclusive to big players.

David is an experienced founder, but it’s still a new business not backed by $100+ millions like a big corporation. Tax exemptions for income, corporate gains, VAT, and export taxes for a startup. Imagine that!

So, what's the plan? David is building more than just a city; he's building a community that builds many things from ag-tech to health and wellness, from true algae marvels to longevity labs, and even a nod to the cannabis and mushroom enthusiasts—these SEZs can become melting pots.

Think co-working on steroids, with incubators and spaces where dreamers meet doers. And the perks? They're not reserved for the elite. Anyone stepping into the SEZ world gets a taste of the benefits.

So, if you're reading this and your entrepreneurial spirit is tingling, Uruguay is calling. Uruguay's SEZs aren't just zones; they're an invitation to be part of a movement.

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