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Ep. 52: Michael Huemer on Thinking Rationally, The Ethical Flaws of the Legal & Regulatory System and the Problem of State Authority

Ep. 52: Michael Huemer on Thinking Rationally, The Ethical Flaws of the Legal & Regulatory System and the Problem of State Authority

Michael Huemer is "the best living philosopher, possibly the best who ever lived." (Bryan Caplan)

The podcast host Niklas Anzinger considers Michael Huemer to be the greatest intellectual influence on his life and work with Infinita VC to date.

In fact, the name Infinita is a reference to Michael's book "Approaching Infinity".

Michael is Professor for Philosophy and the University of Colorado Boulder. He is the author of more than eighty academic articles in epistemology, ethics, metaethics, metaphysics, and political philosophy - as well as the author of ten books.

This conversation is intended to introduce Michael's work to the listener, particularly the books most relevant to unlocking stranded technologies.

The first book we discuss is "Knowledge, Reality and Value." The book is an introduction to philosophy and a masterful one. It teaches the reader why it's important to form rational beliefs how to make clear arguments and "wake up" from a state of perpetual intellectual confusion (yes, we all are - and we don't notice it).

The second book is "Justice Before the Law", a book about the ethical flaws of the legal system. Michael's key thesis is that actors in the legal system should prioritize what's just over what's the law - that means breaking the law if it's unjust and not unwise to do so. This is an explosive thesis in conflict with existing legal norms.

The third book is "The Problem of Political Authority" which argues that existing governments regularly commit what we would consider atrocious violations of individual rights if they were done by any non-governmental actor, and that political philosophy fails to deliver a convincing justification for this special privilege.

While all these books have surprising and radical conclusions, what is special about Michael Huemer*s work is his method. Michael clearly states his premises and chooses only those that are based on widely shared beliefs. This results in an extremely clearly written and persuasive style of reasoning.

In this episode, we discuss all these books and the implications for entrepreneurs in regulated industries, such as the obligation to follow the law, how to present yourself when you innovate, and how to navigate moral questions that arise in the process.

Michael blogs on a Substack called "Fake Nous".

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