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Ep. 42: Debating “The Network State” Part II, Balaji Srinivasan’s Bet, Education in a Free Society & More Riffs & Rambles with Trey Goff

Ep. 42: Debating “The Network State” Part II, Balaji Srinivasan’s Bet, Education in a Free Society & More Riffs & Rambles with Trey Goff

Trey Goff is coming back on to continue the previous discussion (Episode 9) about Balaji Srinivasan's book "The Network State" (TNS).

This is the right time to dig deeper for two reasons: 1) TNS has increasingly become a meme in crypto and technology circles, 2) Balaji is commanding a lot of attention for #BitSignal, a bet on US dollar hyperinflation + Bitcoin rising to 1m.

Trey & Niklas have become friends through Prospera, the modern charter city on Roatan, Honduras, and the zero-to-one "network state / not a network state."

In addition, Trey has a new role as Co-Founder of Learn Arena, a competitive learning platform, and we'll discuss how Learn Arena will fix a frailing education system.

Here is how the discussion unfolds:

Trey iterates that the Prospera model follows many of the same schools of thought that Balaji Srinivasan follows in TNS, though with one critical difference: with Prospera, Trey has first-hand experienced the role of politics as a practical matter when it comes to becoming a territorial jurisdiction. Politics is hard but unavoidable.

We update some of our learnings about regulations and what we can realistically achieve by upgrading governance, e.g. in the world of medical innovation and finance.

Talking finance leads us to Balaji's Bet: we think Balaji is directionally correct in his analysis of a brittle US financial system, albeit we withhold judgment on whether or not the timeline will be correct - all of us have to assign our estimated probabilities.

It is certainly the leading question of the time: we think a Bitcoin Standard world is more desirable, but there are better and worse ways to get there.

For example, we are skeptical about achieving Bitcoinization by top-down decree like by President Nayib Bukele in the country of El Salvador.

If one thing is certain, it's that the world has a lot of uncertainty. And navigating this uncertainty in finance will have massive implications for your personal wealth.

There is no better way to navigate uncertainty than self-education.

We discuss the US education system and its failings: Trey presciently identifies a core problem - school and education are both too easy and too hard.

By introducing gaming and competition to set young people on alternative career tracks, Trey aims to revolutionize education with Learn Arena.

Trey and Niklas have a lot to talk about - this won't be the last time!

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