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Ep. 30: VC Lab's Adeo Ressi on Overcoming the Regulatory Barriers Set by the Dinosaurs & Creating Ethical VC Funds

Ep. 30: VC Lab's Adeo Ressi on Overcoming the Regulatory Barriers Set by the Dinosaurs & Creating Ethical VC Funds

Adeo Ressi is an iconic entrepreneur, investor, and teacher. He is the CEO of VC Lab, which runs the leading venture capital accelerator. He is also the Executive Chairman of the Founder Institute, the world's largest pre-seed accelerator.

Adeo has launched more than 14 venture capital funds and founded 11 startups, having nearly $2 billion in exits before the age of 30.

Adeo speaks about his mission with VC Lab. VC Lab has to date accelerated 236 new VC firms and reduced the time to start a fund from 18-24 months down to 5.8 months.

VC Lab is designed to turn venture capital into a force for good in the world.

Traditionally, VC is an exclusive club and accessible only in select locations like Silicon Valley, New York, London, Berlin, etc.

Regions like Latam or Africa need entrepreneurship the most to solve local problems, but the locally available capital is predatory.

It is no accident that venture capital has not yet scaled globally: as so often, the barriers are regulatory. The "dinosaurs of the industry" have set up moats.

Starting a VC fund is a black box, and requires a significant amount of upfront capital for legal fees to comply with a set of onerous laws.

VC Lab is solving the problem by creating a full-stack: a free acceleration program, standardized legal advice in three domiciles, and fund management software.

VC Lab is doing more than anyone to globalize access to VC by reducing the barriers to starting a fund for managers committed to the ethical principles of the Mensarius Oath, thereby unleashing a new wave of innovation through entrepreneurship.

Towards the end of the episode, Niklas comments on why he chose VC Lab and how it helped him start Infinita VC.

Check out VC Lab if you're thinking of starting a VC fund (applications for Cohort 10 are open):

Infinita Linktree:

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