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Ep. 10: Economic Growth, Stranded Technologies & Creating A More Open World

Ep. 10: Economic Growth, Stranded Technologies & Creating A More Open World

Niklas shares some of his own thoughts and insights after 3 months of podcasting. He starts with Adam Smith's 1776 masterpiece "The Wealth of Nations".

Smith believes in the best case, humanity could produce 3-4x than what he observed in the present day. What happened is that more like a 30-40x improvement.

In 1930, John Maynard Keynes reasoned that response was a compounding interest of 2% annual growth, and he believed in an even greater future for his grandchildren.

But who says 2% is the best we can do? In this podcast, we talked about several improvements in the legal system that would make it possible to add several layers of growth by disrupting the largest industries in the world. Additionally, a more open world for ideas, capital, and people, could amount to close to 5% annual growth.

Niklas concludes that it does seem possible to 100x humanity over a 100-year period.

The way to achieve it is through improvements in legal systems, and startup cities are the frontiers where legal innovations can happen.

To explore this frontier, we invite you to join us to build the industries of the future together on Roatan, Honduras, a beautiful Caribbean island:

Prospera Healthtech Summit, September 23-25, 2022

Prospera Edtech Summit, October 28-30, 2022

Prospera Fintech Summit, November 18-20, 2022

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Stranded Technologies
Stranded Technologies Podcast
Niklas Anzinger talks and writes about his experience as a VC based in Prospera Honduras, competitive governance and how it can unblock "stranded technologies" that are held back by bureaucracy and overregulation.